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Chimney Repair

Keep your chimney operating safely and prevent further damage when you call Thomas Chimney Sweep at the first sign of a problem. We handle chimney repairs of all types, including liner installation, broken capping, flue cracking, and more. If you need chimney repairs, our team is available seven days a week for convenient, effective service.

Many home and business owners are unaware their chimney is damaged and needs to be repaired. Unless you know what to look for and regularly climb onto your roof to inspect your chimney, the chances of you noticing a problem are slim. Plus, liner damage and other interior problems can only be spotted using special equipment inside the flue and require a chimney repair specialist to diagnose. We’ll inspect your chimney inside and out to find any problems and provide solutions that keep your chimney operating safely. From chimney crown repair and flashing repair to moisture elimination, our team has the experience and skills to restore your chimney to pristine condition. 

  • Have your chimney inspected regularly to ensure you get the chimney repairs you need to stay safe. Many chimney issues go undetected and pose serious fire and health risks, making it essential to get a chimney inspection at the start and end of every cold season.

  • Rest easy knowing we handle a range of chimney repairs and use the best materials available to ensure long-lasting results. From chimney flashing repair and unsecured masonry restoration to chimney crown repair or liner replacement, we handle jobs big and small.

  • Call us seven days a week for chimney repairs and inspections. We work around your schedule and are happy to get you in at the earliest opportunity. 

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