From repairs and remodeling to complete cleaning services, Thomas Chimney Sweep in Cisne, IL, is the team to call when you need someone to tend to your chimney. 

Outdoor Fireplace

Since 1978, we have been building a reputation as experts in the field, backing our services with a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure our high standards are consistently met. Our chimney cleaning and repair services are always undertaken by dedicated professionals who are committed to excellence, and we prove it with our results.

Having your chimney annually inspected and cleaned before the winter season begins will not only prolong your chimney's lifespan, but also keep you safe. Chimney build-up, obstructions, or cracks in the structure restrict the flow of gases and cause smoke to re-enter your home, harming your health and, in extreme cases, causing a fire. Our team comes to you and undertakes a comprehensive cleaning that removes built up soot and prevents the formation of any blockages, fixing cracks along the way so that your home and family are protected. If you suspect you may have a problem with your fireplace or chimney or feel your chimney could be working more efficiently, don't wait to call in the professionals!

Call Thomas Chimney Sweep today to have your chimney and smoke extraction system cleaned and repaired. Our team is happy to answer your questions and will schedule a convenient appointment at a time that works for you.